Metro New York Cityís experienced acoustic ceiling tile contractor

I love dealing with
Ceiling Solutions.
They are reliable,
easy to work with
and I’ve
never had
a problem.
I recommend them
to everyone.

Craig Rosen
Facility Manager
Vedder Price

Metro New York Cityís experienced acoustic ceiling tile contractor
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The Process

Our team arrives as your team leaves for the night, so there is no disruption to your business. Upon arrival our trained professionals immediately “tape and drape” the entire room so only the ceiling, not your furniture, walls or carpeting, gets coated. Once the coating process is completed the room is meticulously cleaned.  By morning, the only evidence that we were there will be a bright new ceiling.

A New Ceiling in 8 Hours!  Ceiling Solutions Makes It Happen in Three Steps.

Trying to cover up old ceiling tiles with paint has never been an acceptable solution. Ceiling Solutionsí unique coating restores the appearance while improving the noise reduction properties and fire retardant values

Tape, Drape & Prep
The Ceiling Solutions team moves quickly to mask lighting fixtures and sprinkler heads. Walls, floors and furniture are covered in plastic sheeting and grids and tiles are brushed and pre-cleaned as necessary.

Acoustic ceiling paint is messy and compromises the
acoustic properties of your ceiling.  Recoat instead

Even Coating Application
With the room thoroughly sealed our coating is applied evenly throughout the room. Our fast-drying coating will cover tiles, grids, returns and diffusers.

Ceiling Solutionsí unique process is the ideal solution for any business or facility manager seeking a smart, economical and environmentally sound alternative to ceiling tile replacement.

Donít go through an expensive ceiling replacement. In NYC or NJ, call Ceiling Solutions for the smart economical and environmental alternative

Complete Clean-up
The Ceiling Solutions team will dust and vacuum and leave the area clean, neat and ready for your employees or customers the next morning.

Ceiling Solutions is the acoustic ceiling tile contractor of choice
because we restore your ceiling to like new condition, guaranteed!