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Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I save money by recoating instead of replacing?

A: Clients tell us that they save about 80% over replacing tiles. When replacing tiles you have the costs of:

-Labor to remove old tiles
-Disposal costs of tiles tile dumpster.jpg
-Purchasing new tiles
-Labor to make cuts & typical 25% waste associate with it
-paint the grids
-electrician and fire service co. to re-install lights fixtures, fire alarm, sprinklers, etc plus permits.
-extensive & expensive clean up (plus lots of dust above your ceilings)

Q: Will the tiles stick to the grid?

A: No! Our product is made with a non-bridging formula. This means that it shrinks when it dries allowing full access to the plenum.

Q: Can’t I just paint the ceilings?

A: NO! Please don’t!

– It will make the ceilings stick to the grid
– It will ruin the acoustic value
– It’s against code
– It will ruin the fire rating
– It will make the tiles sag
– It will make the ceiling look painted

Q: Will it interrupt our business?

A: We will perform our work after hours. Our coating dries in 20 minutes and we recoat approximately 3,500 sq ft/night.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: Ceiling Solutions has been in business since 1982. This is the only work we do. Please see the About us page to see a list of our satisfied customers.

Q: There must be some negatives, what are they?

A: Since we spray a thin coat of coating, we cannot fill in major cracks in the tile. We suggest you replace the tile before we arrive. We are happy to spray attic stock at no charge as well. The other negative is that we can’t change the pattern &/or the direction of the original tile.

Q: Is there a smell to your product?

A: There is a very, very slight pleasant scent.  We only received one complaint since 1982 (we think it was because he wanted to go home early). Our coating has very low VOC’s, water based and is non-toxic.

Q: Can we specify a color?

A: Yes, we can tint our product to black, grey, blue, chartreuse or any color you want.

Q: Is it quicker than replacing tiles?

A: Recoating is about 70% quicker than replacing. We recoat approximately 3,500 sq ft per night.

Q: What are the LEED Green Building Credits?

A: -Resurfacing existing ceilings is the benefit of recycling, thereby reducing demand for virgin materials and reducing disposal to landfills. (Credit 3.1 & 3.2-Resource Reuse)
-Extremely low VOC’s & meets Green Seal (Credit 4.2-Low Emitting Materials: Paints & Coatings)
-Decrease energy consumption due to greater light reflectance. (Credit 1.1)
-Enhanced acoustic performance. Credits based on a case by case basis.

Q: Will the acoustical properties decrease?

A: No, actually the acoustical performance increases. The coating shrinks when it dries with our non-bridging formula. The holes (fissures) stay open! Painting fills in the fissures which ruins the acoustic rating.

Q: What happens to the fire rating after it’s coated?

A: It stays the same

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.
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