New York, Tri-State Area

Our Three-Step Process

Our spray-on finish renews old dirty ceilings. Since 1982 we have restored over 33 million sq. ft. of ceiling tile in the New York tri-state area. That’s about 2.5 million less cubic sq. ft. of landfill!
A new ceiling in 8 hours! Ceiling Solutions makes it happen in Three Steps!
Come with us and take a look at our process of Ceiling Tile Restoration - See how it works!


Tape, Drape & Prep

First we very carefully protect the walls, floors, furniture, lights, exit signs, etc. from overspray. The ceiling Solutions team moves quickly to mask lighting fixtures and sprinkler heads. Walls, floors and furniture are covered in plastic sheeting and grid diffusers and tiles are brushed and pre-cleaned as necessary. 

Coating Application

With the room thoroughly sealed our coating is applied evenly throughout the room. Our fast-drying coating will cover tiles, grids, returns and diffusers. Next , we clean (when necessary) and then spray the tiles, grid and diffusers all at once.

Complete Clean-up

Finally, we remove all masking materials. Then the new spray will take about 20 minutes to dry and you have a beautiful, restored ceiling! The Ceiling Solutions team will dust and vacuum leaving the area clean, neat and ready for your employees or customers the next moring. 

Save the hassle & cost of replacing old ceiling tiles!

- Our product is made with a non-bridging formula. This means that it shrinks when it dries allowing full access to the plenum.

- We will perform our work after hours. Our coating dries in 20 minutes and we recoat approximately 3,500 sq ft/night.

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